Seishun 18 Kippu (青春18きっぷ) : a Favorite for Backpacker

Seishun 18 Kippu (青春18きっぷ): a favorite for backpacker


Assalamua’laikum guys,
Nah because I have already promised you, I will review about Seishun 18 Kippu or local usually called Juu-Hachi kippu that exist in Japan. This ticket is unbelievably useful to you that has a young spirit and craving for adventure. Okay, let’s talk about it! Go!


Seishun 18 Kippu (青春18きっぷ) or local usually called juu-hachi kippu is a special ticket that sold only in the holiday season. This ticket is launched by the biggest train transportation company in Japan, Japan Railway. So what makes it really interesting?

Juu-Hachi Kippu allows you to take all Japan Railway train inside Japan From Hokkaido to Kyushu. However, you only allowed taking 3 types of train. There is local, rapid and special rapid train operated by JR. It means with this ticket you are not allowed to take limited express, Thunderbird or shinkansen. And you CAN’T combine it either with another ticket.

Hmm, maybe you are a little confused about my explanation. It’s okay, I will start with the basic. In Japan, there are so many Train public transportation company other than JR. Maybe you know about Tokyo Metro? That is one of them.  So other than JR train, you can not use Juu-Hachi Kippu and you may pay an additional fare if you take that train.

Okay, then JR has many services and train that operates all over Japan. Maybe the most famous one is the bullet train or shinkansen (新幹線). However, JR is not only operated bullet train. It operates limited local (train that operates in city and stopped in every station), rapid (same with local but faster and has a fewer stop), special rapid (fastest between the other two), express train (a faster train than special rapid), Thunderbird (semi-bullet train),  and other kind of services.

Using Juu-Hachi Kippu, you can use as many as local, rapid or special rapid train in Japan (there is some exception someplace, I will discuss it later). Because in Japan, All that 3 kind of trains has a connecting point that makes you can travel from one city to another city. Even there is some old saying that said wherever you around Japan, you always can go to Tokyo only using the local train (I do not know that old saying is true or not), haha. 

Well of course even without Juu-Hachi Kippu, you still can go anywhere using that train. However, the fare must be high and it is not worth money to value at all. This the biggest reason why Juu-Hachi Kippu is famous.

Juu-Hachi Kippu’s price is 11.850¥ and it can be used up to 5 people. You can use it for 5 people in one day, 1 person for 5 days, 3 people for 1 day and left 2 other spot and other combination. It means you can travel 5 times or 5 people in one day using this ticket. It means you only spend around 2.400¥ a day for traveling. Nice, right? Of course, it is only worth it if you take the trail that cost more than 2.400¥. 

The most popular track that I investigated for foreigner tourist is from Tokyo to Osaka/Kyoto or reverse. It takes around 12 hours and more if you go from Tokyo to Osaka using this ticket. Well like I said, this is good for people that have a young spirit, haha.

If you take the bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka on the holiday season, you must pay around 14.000¥ one way or if you take the bus, it around 9000¥or more. But using Juu-Hachi Kippu, you only pay 2400¥. What a deal.

Oh yeah, I forget. In some track, usually, you can upgrade service from local to limited express by buying an additional ticket. However, if you are using Juu-Hachi Kippu, you can not use this service. Yeah, it is a shame, I know because if I can I would like to upgrade too haha.

To buy Juu-Hachi Kippu, you can go to Midori no Guchi (緑の口) or information center inside JR Station all over Japan. Don’t worry about Japanese, just say Juu-Hachi Kippu and they will understand. By the way, you only can buy it on the march, September or December.

You can refund it if you NEVER use all the days. I recommend you to go with your group so you will get a full worth it adventure with your friends. Of course, in the cheapest way. If you are afraid of being lost the way, just download HYPERDIA APP from google store or Apple store, it will guide you the way. DON’T forget to set only Local, JR and Walk. Waala, Adventure begins.

I only had experience going from Osaka to Nagoya or my workplace to Osaka using this ticket. I will tell you about the story in another post. Okay, interesting right? 
If you are available, starts your journey on the march! Let’s go!


You can visit Juu-Hachi Kippu if you have other question besides what I write here. Feel free to ask me if you are curious 😊

I will be going to Osaka or Kyoto in March, If you are interested, Let's meet there!

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