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Unintentionally Become Part of The Alien - Prologue

Unintentionally Become Part of The Alien

Because I can't Translate my favorite novel. I decided to publish my own novel. Well, It will not as good as other novel. But, at least I try, Haha. I don't know either people will read it or not. So, If you read this, Please tell me your thought about the this chapter even anonymous. I don't have anyone to read except myself. That's why I really appreciated your advice!

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Congratulation! You are accepted as…

------------------------------------------------------------------5 years ago.

My name is Muabe, 17 years old.

I am now on my last year in High school.

When you read this, I wonder right now, you are imagining something like normal life as a high school boy or something like that. However, I believe my world and yours are totally different.

I live years later, after the war finished. Of course, it is not only between human, but it was more than that. Seventy-nine years ago, Aliens started a war on the earth. Once again, alienS started a war on the earth.

No one knows their origin, and since when they lived. The reason they came to earth is still unclear until today. Some people said that because of civil war and others said, because they started to go extinct.

Well, for me and my ancestor, We all believe that they are far older than anyone in the earth. Because our country was secretly becoming a slavery producer, managed by the Alien years ago before the war started. But that is another story and I don’t know either to tell you or not. At least, not yet.

So many Alien races came to earth during the war. However, there were two strongest clans at that time, Amara and Janano. Those two were the main character of that war and made so many awful things to the earth.

The wars were only last for 6 years. Amara won over Janano. Amara genocide some of Janano citizen and doing it continuously until Janano completely surrender. Even the war had ended, as expected, the damage is quite impossible to be truth.

Well, You think that’s the bad ending, right? Unfortunately not! Something extraordinary happens!

Even the war had ended, All about the Aliens, Amara, Janano and the other races didn’t have any place that they could call home. That’s why Amara initiates a world peace treaty between human and Alien.

Amara as representative of the Alien (of course, because they win the war) promise that all the Alien will help the human fix the earth to the state before the war and recognizing the equal right between Human and Alien. However, because Janano is a loser in the war, Amara demands many compensations and many terms from Janano that limit their freedom.

That’s the short history of Alien and Human acculturation on earth.

Not only that, the Aliens bring their technology to the earth and start offering and selling it to the human. They made company. Their product becomes a best seller. They improve the quality. The Aliens now become the leader in technology on earth.

Now, many of my friends always talks about how they want to become part of their company. To make the latest technology and be used by all the creatures on the earth, made huge profits, live a slow life are what everyone dreams.

However, to me, I am a little bit different. I don’t really have any goals that I want to achieve in the long term. My motto is [to reach the closest one to you] so I will not miss anything. This happened in my elementary and junior high school. Before graduating from elementary, I was asked about what kind of Junior high school I want to enter, I just chose the best in this city. Before senior high school, I did the same thing and not got accepted. I cried for 2 days because of it.

See? I don’t quite have really long term goals and something like short term will bother my emotional state. So immature.

And today, My teacher asked for the last time.

[Muabe! Which university do you want to apply? You are the only who didn’t submit it yet]

[I... am still not sure.]

While I answered it, I never realized it was a starting point of a journey that I will not expect will bring me beyond my imagination.


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