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Best Chocolate Wafer in Japan

Best Chocolate Wafer in Japan


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Chocolate Wafer has a long history in the world. One of the most famous chocolate wafers was born on the early of the 20th century and get a great acceptance from the customer. Now, almost over 70 years, there are so many variants of this snack and made by so many companies.

There is no exception in Japan. Chocolate Wafer is one of the famous snacks sold in many stores and convenience store. However, unintentionally, I found a hidden gem. The best Chocolate Wafer in Japan that I ever tasted. It called "Plaisir Chocolate Wafer".

This chocolate Wafer is currently sold by one of the biggest store chains in Japan, Gyomu Suupa. This chocolate wafer's price is around 250 JPY or 2.2 USD. The package is quite colorful, a dominant orange and white combination with the picture of the actual program. This is a product from Italy but specially made for Japan because we can found a Japanese guide on the back side of the cover. The best part, it is Halal certified by Islamic authority in Italy.

After opening it, you will find 5 packages. This package used a high-quality aluminum feel plastic and give a premium product vibe when you touch it. The package is not really different from the box, because it still has a dominant white and orange combination. This package is easily opened and doesn't give you a resistance feel like normal plastic. When peeling the plastic, we will find 4 pieces of the chocolate wafer inside it. I believe the maker has a perfect wanna-be standard because all the chocolate wafer is beautifully stacked inside the packages. 

The best part is the taste and after taste. With so many layers of wafer and coated by chocolate, the taste is really light inside the mouth and doesn't give us a strong after taste like when we eat too much chocolate. It is really sweet, of course, however, it still gives a balance taste in the mouth. I believe this is the best chocolate wafer that I have ever eaten. Um mama, very delicious. 

I have eaten many chocolate wafers from any country. Of course, every wafer has its own characteristic and taste. However, Plaisir Chocolate Wafer, for me personally, can give pleasure in every aspect when you want to eat a wafer and chocolate. This is amazing.

So, the conclusion. A 2.2 USD for a box chocolate wafer? I highly recommended Plaisir Milk & Latte for everyone who loves chocolate wafer and now live in Japan. This chocolate wafer will define a new level of chocolate wafer taste. I believe you will love it too like I do.


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