Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Messages for New Employee

Messages for New Employee



2 months after I got accepted as a new employee in the company, the company made an arrangement for the all of the newcomer having a short interview with the director and some section manager. That is a tense situation for a new employee to meet one of the most important people inside the company.

I believe the purpose of this meeting was to understand more about the new employee. I felt so much pressure on that meeting. However, there is a moment that I never forget from that moment until today. The message from director.

[Everyone, the new employee, has a great potential and high spirit as well. But from me to all of you, never lose that spirit, keep learning and become a global level employee. Don’t forget to learn English and master your English. When the first moment I enter this company, maybe the same age as all of you, our company still made a ship. Years later, we were not only making ship and made another thing. Now, our company is completely not making ship anymore. Everything changes. We may not know what happen, 10 or 20 years in the future. The only things that we must do right now is to predict the future, adapting with society needs without losing our identity] is the message that the director said to us.

After that meeting, I thought about that message for months until I officially become the new employee. Until thinking and trying to find what is the real and hidden message from director, I believe there are 5 things that we must have an attention to that message.

  1. Life and need of Human always change
  2. The current Us is not enough
  3. The big and global company title doen’t not guarantee anything
  4. We need to adapt with the times
  5. We must proud with our identity

I understand completely that all of 5 things are not something easy to implement in every employee, especially new employee that still learn about the company life and culture. However, as an employee that live in fast changing and modern society, those messages must be applied from now on to prepare to face and adapting to the future.


Thank you so much for reading my thought, I will use this article to enter a paper competition using japanese language. Wish me luck XD

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