Friday, May 17, 2019

Online Learning Without Paying Extra? Try Udemy!

Online Learning Without Paying Extra? Try Udemy!
By: Arubiyya | Translator: Muabeyond | Editor: -


Assalamu'laikum. Welcome back again to the this session. How are you, my friends? Hopefully, you are always healthy and cheerful.

This time, I want to give a first impression about one of the online learning platforms that I have often used, can you guess? Yap, Udemy.

Well, maybe someone already knows and also have used it, but for my friend that don't know yet, Arubiy wants to share a little about my experience. So, what is Udemy? The academy is one of the online learning platforms that available on the website (, android (Google play Store) and IOS (Apple Store). By using Udemy, We can find many things to learn, like language, technology, economics and many others.

Now the question then, why do I use Udemy? Curious enough? These are the reasons.

First, discount of up to 99%.

Okay, spoiler, I started to look for online learning starting from January 2019. At that time, I was looking for a way to learn basic Japanese and English with a cheaper way. Yeah, I bet you that is not a secret anymore, learning foreign languages ​​is well-known for being expensive and as a student, I certainly can't provide the money, yet. Hehe.

Until finally, I started looking at Google about learning cheap foreign languages. Somehow, I didn't really remember the detail, I entered the Udemy site which turned out to be an online learning platform. The best thing is, at that time,  Udemy was on its anniversary and they gave discounts for all lessons up to 99%. Wow.

I immediately checked the English and Japanese lessons. And have no doubt, the lessons that are originally at 16.000 JPY can be purchased at a price of 1.200 JPY. Without thinking further, I bought two tutoring packages that had the highest reviews from users, 1 English and 1 Japanese, with a total price of 2.400 JPY only from the original price of 32.000 JPY. Worth enough for 94% discount.

Secondly, 30 day trial with a refund option

Well, this is one of the features given by Udemy for those who want to try it first or still not sure either to buy or not. The academy provides refunds option within 30 days if the user is not satisfied with the learning content. Of course, after 30 days have passed, this option will disappear and the lessons cannot be refunded anymore.

I have never used this option, obviously. Indeed, I bought a lesson on Udemy because I want to learn it. However, for anyone are not sure which one to pick, you can just try it immediately if you buy the lesson. :)

Third, the payment is easy.

This is also one of the vital reasons that made me finally want to buy lessons at Udemy. The payment method is easy. FYI, Arubiy is an Android-based smart phone user so of course I can use the application version of Udemy on Android. Well On Android, it's not similar to when we buy on a website that requires PayPal or credit card. If you want to buy the lessons, just use Google pay on Android. If you don't have the balance, you can top up at a Convenient Store or just use other top up service.

Really, technology makes it easy for everyone. We don't need to leave the house, just press the cell phone, we can immediately join the some online lesson.

Fourth, and finally, there's the interactive video ~

Now, this last reason is the reason that finally makes me feel that there is no reason not to buy at Udemy. Why? Because the standard of online learning is to be interactive.

In my opinion, learning must have three essential aspects, listening, writing and speaking. Well, about study online, of course we want all these aspects to be fulfilled. However, even it can't, at least there are at least 2 aspects that can be fulfilled, writing and listening. That's why Udemy pass my judgement~

Now that's how it was, the first review from me who bought online lesson on Udemy. I will show you the screenshots of some Udemy interfaces and the lessons that I have bought. In the next article, I have a plan to review full lesson after I complete it. So don't forget to subscribe to the and blog by pressing the green button next to this article, or right here to read a new article from me.
That's all. See you ~

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