Monday, May 6, 2019

Ramadhan Daily Blog on Nowhere: Episode 1 - The beginning

Ramadhan Daily Blog on Nowhere
Episode 1: The Beginning

Assalamua'laikum all of my friends. Welcome to Muabeyond new blog series: Ramadhan on Nowhere. My apology for not post many stories because I had training in my company and after that, I got a slump so I didn't have the motivation to write. However, now I am back and ready to write.

Okay, in this series, I will tell you about experiencing Ramadhan as Muslim in the middle of nowhere that (maybe) has a 0.001% population of Muslim inside the city. Of course, still in the seaside of Japan =)

Almost in every place around the world decide the 1st Ramadhan by observing the appearance of the moon at those places or We usually called it "Hilal".  Of course, in Indonesia, this moment usually observed by many organization and being broadcasted in many television channels. However, here in Japan, it is a little bit different. 

--to be continued