Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Mushoku no eiyu ~ betsuni sukiru nanka iranakattandaga ~ (Preview)

Mushoku no eiyu ~ betsuni sukiru nanka iranakattandaga ~
Classless Hero ~It’s not like I really need skills~ 
Author:九頭七尾 | Source: Syosetu


Arel has been given [class] blessing from the goddess.
However, it was the lowest class that could not learn any skills called [classless].
When he was 10 years old, he was classified as incompetent, but he never felt grief at all.
[Well, it is not like have no skills, it will be not okay, right?].

If you don’t have talent, you have to work hard, then Arel has a special training.
[How can be a [classless] like you, can compete with someone holding skill like me!?]
[Well, it was pretty much decent training]


I believe I want to try to take this series =). Because the law of copyright, I am afraid I can’t post it on my blog even I really want to

So, I will just post in on Patreon. Because it is personal use, I have checked that as personal translator, it is okay as long I translate it for personal purpose.

So, it’s like you hire me for translating it for you =D Feel free to comment.
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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Why I Choose Huawei Nova 3i over Galaxy Note 9?

Why I Choose Huawei Nova 3i over Galaxy Note 9?
by: Muabeyond | Editor: -

Assalamua'laikum, here is with Muabeyond. Welcome to In this article, I will share my opinion with everything related to technology. Let's called it Muabetech article from now on (sorry for the lame name, hehe). Okay, without further do, let's start.

In 2018, last quarter, Huawei and Samsung launched their latest smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Huawei Nova 3/3i. Even though it is completely different type of phone, Honestly, those two were my considerable phone to buy when the first time it launched.

For your information, in Indonesia, the cheapest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was sold 12.999.000 IDR and Huawei Nova 3i around 4.299.000. So, how in the world, I consider and compare this completely different price phone to buy? Here is my reason.

First, Priority

After graduating and entering my working life, I decide to change my phone. This happened because my old phone is already broken and freeze all the time. moreover, the battery drain so fast that it is hard to use as my daily driver.

Wah, I am sorry for the extra story. Back to the point. As a worker, I don't really need a high specification phone. The most important things to have are big memory, acceptable processor, big screen, and decent camera. Looking for my bucket list, I believe those two (Huawei Nova 3i and Samsung Galaxy Note 9) is entering my zone.

Second, Value to Money

After I have my list to have specified, I check the value for money of each phone. Well, it is clear like a crystal that Huawei Nova 3i's price is 1/3 off Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Obviously, there is a reason why Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is so much expensive.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has better dual camera, bigger battery, bigger screen, better screen, bigger memory, and an ultimate s-pen that Huawei doesn't have. However, after I compare all the detail from the phone with my condition, I believe the Huawei Nova 3i is more suitable for me more than Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

After graduating, I have successfully saved the amount similar with Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price for 4 years. That's why I can buy it if I want. However, as my priority list, I don't really need all the feature that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 offers to me because everything I need in my priority already covered on Huawei Nova 3i. Moreover, buying Huawei Nova 3i means I will have saved about 2/3 off Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price. That was absolutely important for me because I just barely enter a working life.

Third, preferable taste

For this matter, it is obviously subjective. I don't know why, but I really love how the Huawei Nova 3i is designed to compare to Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The sensor, the camera, the screen and the colour are absolutely majestic and suit my millennial taste. Well, as a millennial, a new technology is something you hard to resist, hehe.
I know that even with every reason that I had, no one can deny that samsung galaxy note 9 was the best smartphone on the last quarter of 2019 and always the best thing to choose. However, in this case, I would like to apply "only took exactly what I need" act because of my condition.

Surprisingly, Huawei Nova 3i is perfectly fine with me and I love how Huawei made the UI(User Interface, UX(User Experience) and all the features. Never regret it. Hehe. How about you? Do you buy phones just for the latest technology? or have another reason?
That's all for today's article, see you next time! That's all for today's article, see you next time!

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Muabeyond News - May 2019

Muabeyond News
by: Muabeyond


So welcome back to Muabeyond News. Now, I want to announce some news for you =D

After hiatus around 1 month, because of my slump, Those days that change everything will be back on this month with episode 3~
Read: Those Days that Change Everything - Episode 1


Not only that, Ramadhan daily blog on nowhere will be back too!!! Read: Ramadhan Daily Blog on Nowhere: Episode 1 - The beginning

Hope you will enjoy it, everyone !!!
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Saturday, May 18, 2019

2 Minutes on Nagoya Shirakawa-go Journey

2 Minutes on Nagoya Shirakawa-go Journey
by: Muabeyond | Editor: -


So, I had this trip last December. I went with my friend to the Shirakawa-go through Nagoya. I just want to make a compilation about what can you see on Nagoya and Shirakawa-go. Maybe, I will make another video that tells the story behind it? Let's see :)
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Friday, May 17, 2019

Online Learning Without Paying Extra? Try Udemy!

Online Learning Without Paying Extra? Try Udemy!
By: Arubiyya | Translator: Muabeyond | Editor: -


Assalamu'laikum. Welcome back again to the this session. How are you, my friends? Hopefully, you are always healthy and cheerful.

This time, I want to give a first impression about one of the online learning platforms that I have often used, can you guess? Yap, Udemy.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The Message for New Employee (Extended)

The Message for New Employee (Extended)
by Muabeyond

Right after 2 months I got accepted as a new employee in the company, the company made an arrangement for the all of the newcomer having a short interview with the director and some section manager. That is a tense situation for a new employee to meet one of the most important people inside the company.

I believe the purpose of this meeting was to understand more about the new employee. I felt so much pressure on that meeting. However, there is a moment that I never forget from that moment until today. The message from director.

[Everyone, the new employee, has a great potential and high spirit as well. But from me to all of you, never lose that spirit, keep learning and become a global level employee. Don’t forget to learn English and master your English. When the first moment I enter this company, maybe the same age as all of you, our company still made a ship. Years later, we were not only making ship and made another thing. Now, our company is completely not making ship anymore. Everything changes. We may not know what happen, 10 or 20 years in the future. The only things that we must do right now is to predict the future, adapting with society needs without losing our identity] is the message that the director said to us.

After that meeting, I thought about that message for months until I officially become the new employee. After thinking and trying to find what is the real and hidden message from director, I believe there are 5 things that we must have an attention to that message.

1. Human Life and Need always change

Before the modern life happen, thousands years ago human survived by hunting animal around us. Living as a group, without proper technology, a spear is enough for surviving in the harsh world.

Moving forward, we learned that living by hunting is not enough. We could survive in the short period. But, How about long period? How about the future? Our son, our grandson? Once again, human needs change. Human starts to realize that they need to build a community and changing lifestyle from hunting to produce. The growth of human civilization starts.

Moving further, humans started researching about science for supporting the new civilization. Many theories and discovery were found. This movement brought the technology to achieve something that's never been reached before. Machine and many things that make life become easier was starting to be applied in life.

Surprisingly, It doesn’t stop there. When steam engine found on early 70, every aspect of life turn 180 degrees. Industry, transportation and many aspects were being replaced with machines. The revolutionary steam engine motivated every researcher and scientist to boost innovation more and more.

And, right now, we enter the future, the industry revolution 4.0 that we are not only competing with human, but we are competing with the robot, the AI and every machine that smarter and faster compares than human capabilities. Human is always changing their lifestyle and needed according to what brings most benefit to them.

2. The current me is not enough

Remember the story from the beginning of this article, about the director experiencing how the company involve through the time? Yes, I believe we already understand what this point means.

This company history said that for the first time this company made, the company was created for shipbuilding purpose. through the years, no one doubt that this company was one of the best shipbuilding company in Japan.

To become a great company, we need more than just one speciality. This company did the same. For completely self-sufficient purpose, we also produced engines, boilers, bridges and many other businesses.

However, with one or another reason this company no longer builds a ship and completely running waste treatment plants, industrial plants, precision machinery, industrial machinery, steel mill process equipment, steel structures, construction machinery, tunneling machines, and power plant business.

Can you imagine how the world changes? Even we are one of the best in our speciality doesn’t mean we must satisfy with our current condition. Director and everyone that made of the decision of the company fully understand about this condition, that’s why they try to expand the speciality of the business.

Having one speciality is good, however, involving and innovating needs to be done for adapting with the society needs.

3. The big and global company status doesn’t not guarantee anything

The big company syndrome becomes more more dangerous this time. So many companies are being closed and taken down because they are too comfortable in their “big and global company” status and forget many aspects that made the company survive.

We all understand that in this era, Innovation is the most important thing that the company needs. Not only for the survival rate of the company, but also to create something better, something more efficient and something more creative to provide many solutions for human and earth problem.

There is a case, on 2000-era, one of the best phone company at that time, Nokia, was closed because losing a competition with their new competitor, Apple and Samsung. Who doesn’t know Nokia? A legendary brand that sold more a billion phone in the last decade and always become the leader of innovation.

However, when Apple told their new innovation with the iPhone and IOS and Samsung launched Smartphone with Android, Nokia didn’t want to accept those two innovations. Nokia still believes that their status as a leading company would make customer still need their product.

But, that is not how the reality works. People just wants the best thing that they have. Loyalty to a brand somehow can be swung by a new great thing with many features. Then, as being predicted, everything changed.

Android and IOS provided many features that can’t be used on Nokia’s phone. Nokia that known as the leader of innovation now only become a sidekick brand that quit the competition. Nokia refuses to accept new innovation and they paid with high price.

Ourselves, our company and our society will always crave for the innovation. There is no satisfaction, word for innovation and there is always new demands, new technology and new knowledge. We need to prepare everything. We need to be ready for the new things and new competition in our field.

4. Predict the future is an important thing to do

Until this time, so many examples has been shown about how a big global company has slowly become a mediocre company because wrong in decision making. No one can blame a company that late in joining the race of innovation, but once you are late, it is hard to stay in the competition.

Predicting the future trends and needs is one of the best strategy of every company to become stronger and bigger. A community involves with the time and always craving for a better, more efficient, more Eco friendly and cheaper for everything that they need.

For the example, 20 years ago, usage of internet is really low compare today. Internet at that time was something that sound luxury and had many limitations. However, the creator of Internet believes that the Internet will become one of the most important things in the future.

Everyone with the same perspective starts to develop their own engine on the internet. many years later, the prediction hits the jackpot. Everyone really loves how the internet can support and help many problems and life. For example, sending mail or chatting with a low price or free, having a video calling for free, shopping service directly from the house and many more. In fact, nowadays, everyone in the world almost can’t live without the internet at all.

When we can adapt and understand how the community and the environment works, we will see the image of the future that maybe will happen in the future.

5. We must proud to be ourselves

We can’t deny that globalization happens around the world made a unique phenomenon called global citizen. So many people that live outside Japan comes to Japan for the purpose of working and vice versa. The working environment has now become a global environment.

There is a proverb saying that “When you are in Rome, act like a Rome”. However, I believe this is only 50% correct. It is correct that when someone comes to a country with so much different in culture and regulation, we need to respect every single of their culture and the regulation because it is part of the lifestyle.

However, everyone has their identity that they carry before coming to Japan or leaving Japan. We must respect diversity among us, but doesn’t mean that we forget about our own culture and just blend 100 %.

We adapt to the environment and still be proud with our own culture and history.

I understand completely that all of 5 things are not something easy to implement in every employee, especially new employee that still learn about the company life and culture. However, I believe that we are already living in the future where everything become faster and bigger. Our community changes fast and nothing can’t stop it. Ourselves and our company needs to support these changes for bringing useful value to society with technology and sincerity to contribute to a prosperous future.

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Monday, May 6, 2019

Ramadhan Daily Blog on Nowhere: Episode 1 - The beginning

Ramadhan Daily Blog on Nowhere
Episode 1: The Beginning

Assalamua'laikum all of my friends. Welcome to Muabeyond new blog series: Ramadhan on Nowhere. My apology for not post many stories because I had training in my company and after that, I got a slump so I didn't have the motivation to write. However, now I am back and ready to write.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Messages for New Employee

Messages for New Employee



2 months after I got accepted as a new employee in the company, the company made an arrangement for the all of the newcomer having a short interview with the director and some section manager. That is a tense situation for a new employee to meet one of the most important people inside the company.

I believe the purpose of this meeting was to understand more about the new employee. I felt so much pressure on that meeting. However, there is a moment that I never forget from that moment until today. The message from director.

[Everyone, the new employee, has a great potential and high spirit as well. But from me to all of you, never lose that spirit, keep learning and become a global level employee. Don’t forget to learn English and master your English. When the first moment I enter this company, maybe the same age as all of you, our company still made a ship. Years later, we were not only making ship and made another thing. Now, our company is completely not making ship anymore. Everything changes. We may not know what happen, 10 or 20 years in the future. The only things that we must do right now is to predict the future, adapting with society needs without losing our identity] is the message that the director said to us.

After that meeting, I thought about that message for months until I officially become the new employee. Until thinking and trying to find what is the real and hidden message from director, I believe there are 5 things that we must have an attention to that message.

  1. Life and need of Human always change
  2. The current Us is not enough
  3. The big and global company title doen’t not guarantee anything
  4. We need to adapt with the times
  5. We must proud with our identity

I understand completely that all of 5 things are not something easy to implement in every employee, especially new employee that still learn about the company life and culture. However, as an employee that live in fast changing and modern society, those messages must be applied from now on to prepare to face and adapting to the future.


Thank you so much for reading my thought, I will use this article to enter a paper competition using japanese language. Wish me luck XD

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See you on the next post !
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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Tantangan 9 Jam: Berkeliling Kota Kyoto di Jepang

9 Jam di Kota Kyoto, Bisa Apa?
#MuabeyondKyotoBlog (1)


Assalamua`laikum teman-teman. Kembali lagi di blog Muabeyond.
Kali ini Muabeyond pergi ke kota Kyoto untuk menemani paman Muabeyond berkeliling selama seharian penuh. Lalu, apa saja sih yang bisa dilakukan selama 9 jam di Kyoto ? Langsung aja!

Status: Belum diedit dan foto menyusul
Disclaimer: Dalam artikel ini, Muabeyond menjelaskan seluruh tempat yang dinikmati dengan memperlama waktu menikmati pengalaman tempat tersebut. Hal inilah yang membuat tidak banyak tempat yang bisa dikunjungi. Namun, prinsip Muabeyond yang merasa sebuah tempat harus dinikmati secara perlahan tanpa buru-buru adalah absolut yang dapat memberikan sensasi pengalaman yang sebenarnya :D


Kota Kyoto merupakan salah satu destinasi paling populer di Jepang, terutama di musim semi. Tidak hanya menawarkan keindahan alam yang beraneka ragam, kota Kyoto juga menawarkan bangunan-bangunan bersejarah yang telah menjadi warisan dunia serta kesenian yang beraneka ragam serta wisata kuliner khas Kyoto yang tentunya sangat cantik dan lezat. Tidak heran kota ini disebut sebagai kota seni.

Memang,rasanya tidak cukup untuk menikmati kota Kyoto hanya dalam 1 hari. Ada banyak tempat dan hal-hal yang harus dicoba selama berada di kota ini. Namun, apabila kita hanya punya 9 jam di kota Kyoto, apa saja yang bisa teman-teman dilakukan ?

Oke, karena Muabeyond pergi saat musim semi dan masih menyisakan udara dingin serta angin yang kencang, Muabeyond memilih untuk keluar sekitar jam 10 pagi. Tempat pertama yang akan dikunjungi adalah Fushimi Inari Taisha. Jarak dari hotel menuju stasiun Kyoto hanya 15 menit ditempuh dengan jalan kaki. Dari stasiun Kyoto, kita dapat menggunakan kereta JR lokal jalur nara yang hanya terpaut 2 stasiun. Peron yang digunakan adalah peron 8 - 10. Tapi, teman-teman jangan lupa untuk melihat jadwal dan tanda dari keretanya. Pastikan teman-teman naik kereta yang lokal agar dapat berhenti di stasiun Fushimi-inari.

Perjalanan dari stasiun Kyoto ke statiun Fushimi-inari hanya ditempuh dalam 8 menit dan Fushimi Inari Taisho terletak tepat berada di depan stasiun. Karena Muabeyond berangkat jam 10 pagi, sudah sangat banyak orang yang mengunjungi lokasi ini.

Yang paling menyenangkan dari tempat ini adalah smeua tempat bisa menjadi sebuah spot yang bagus untuk diambil gambarnya. Aspek peninggalan leluhur, aspek modern, aspek keramaian, aspek ketenangan serta seni dan budaya Jepang benar-benar bisa dirasakan dari area ini. Tidak heran tenpat ini menjadi salah satu rekomendasi untuk tempat yang harus dikunjungi saat mengunjungi kota Kyoto.  Muabeyond menghabiskan waktu sekitar 1,5 jam berada di kawasan komplek fushimi-inari taisho untuk mendapatkan gambar-gambar yang baik, melewati tori merah yang terkenal, mengunjungi pasar jalanannya serta berbelanja beberapa souvenir.

Setelah selesai, Muabeyond kembali ke stasiun Kyoto. Di statiun Kyoto, Muabeyond melakukan pemburuan makanan. Terdapat banyak restoran yang berada di lantai 1 ataupun basement dari stasiun Kyoto. Mulai dari makanan asli jepang maupun makanan asing. Tidak hanya itu, jika teman-teman tidak punya waktu untuk menunggu di restoran, teman-teman juga dapat bisa mengunjungi beberapa toko yang khusus untuk membeli makanan siap saji (bento) yang tentunya sehat. Namun, tidak semua makanan nya halal dan teman-teman harus benar-benar mengecek jika teman-teman ingin makan di di sekitar stasiun Kyoto.

Jika teman-teman tidak berkenan dengan restoran yang ada di sekitar stasiun Kyoto, teman-teman bisa juga pergi ke salah satu restoran ramen halal, Ayam-ya Karasuma Kyoto. Untuk menuju tempat ini, teman-teman hanya perlu menggunakan kereta atau bus dan menempuh perjalanan sekitar 5- 10 menit tergantung jenis kendaraan yang teman-teman gunakan. Restoran ramen Halal Ayam-ya Karasuma Kyoto berada sedkit didalam kompleks yang diapit oleh beberapa toko dan perumahan. Namun, teman-teman bisa menemukannya dengan mudah karena banyak nya petunjuk disekitar lokasi restauran. Muabeyond menghabiskan waktu sekitar 1 jam lebih untuk makan dan beristirahat dari padatnya jadwal jalan-jalan ini.

Setelah, selesai makan, Muabeyond memeutuskan untuk mengunjungi salah satu pasar paling terkenal di Kyoto, Nishiki Market. Jarak dari restoran ke Nishiki Market, bisa ditempuh dengan jalan kaki walau membutuhkan waktu yang tidak cepat. Dengan jalan santai, Muabeyond berhasil mencapai nishiki market sekitar 20-30 menit sambil menikmati beberapa bangunan di kota Kyoto. Oh ya, ada gedung gaya eropa milik mitsui yang cukup menarik untuk dijadikan objek foto juga loh.

Nishiki market atau pasar Nishiki adalah sebuah pasar berbentuk lorong panjang yang berisi para pedagang-pedagang di Kyoto. Hal yang membuatnya unik adalah banyaknya jenis makanan yang bisa ditemui di pasar ini, seperti kepiting hidup, jajanan pasar Kyoto, buah-buahan sampai aksesoris yang bisa dijadikan oleh-oleh. Sebagai salah satu tempat turis paling terkenal di Kyoto, Nishiki market memang tidak pernah sepi bahkan hampir susah untuk bisa sekedar berjalan. Tetapi, pasar Nishiki sudah dirancang untuk menampung ribuan orang dalam satu waktu. Oleh karenba itu, walaupun berdesak-desakan, rasanya jauh berbeda dengan berada di pasar tradisional biasa. Muabeyond menghabiskan waktu kira-kira 1 jam untuk memanjakan mata dengan hal-hal unik di pasar ini.

Tanpa sadar, Muabeyond sudah hampir 5 jam penuh melakukan perjalanan di Kyoto. Karena hotel yang ditinggali dekat dengan stasiun Kyoto, Muabeyond memutuskan untuk kembali sejenak kehotel untuk membersihkan diri dan berisirahat sejenak. Kemudian, Muabeyond sedikit melihat hasil foto yang Muabeyond ambil (padahal mah ga ada bedanya mau dilihat atau ga hehe). Sekitar jam 5, Muabeyond keluar dari hotel dan menuju salah satu tempat paling terkenal di musim semi, The Path Of Philosophy. Namun ternyata, Muabeyond cukup bingung membaca peta dan bus yang harus digunakan serta perjalanan yang menampuh waktu 30 menit membuat Muabeyond mengurungkan niat dan akhirnya memilih menuju Gion District.

Kalau teman-teman tahu, Gion district merupakan Kyoto gaya lama yang sedikit sekali terinteverensi oleh Kyoto modern. Tema vintage gitu. Bahkan kalau teman-teman beruntung, teman-teman bisa bertemu orang-orang yang berperan dalam kabuki ataupun geisha. Nah uniknya, salah satu cara untuk menikmati tempat-tempat wisata di Kyoto adalah dengan memakai kimono. Makanya jangan heran kalau banyak banget orang-orang yang memakai kimono saat berkeliling Gion.

Oh ya, gion district hanya berjarak 15 menit menggunakan kereta dari stasiun Kyoto. Teman-teman harus berpindah kereta sekali dari JR kemudian menggunakan kintetsu. Tentu saja, rute perpindahannya juga mudah ditemukan sehingga tidak perlu takut untuk kehilangan arah. Muabeyond menghabiskan sekitar 1,5 jam untuk mengeksplor daerah Gion ini. Kombinasi lampu dimalam hari dan konstruksi yang memiliki nilai seni yang tinggi membuat gion menjadi salah satu destinasi yang pas untuk sekedar dikunjungi ataupun mengambil beberapa foto keren.

Akhirnya, setelah selesai menikmati Gion, Muabeyond kembali lagi ke stasiun Kyoto dan mencari makanan untuk makan malam. Walau pun sedikit kecewa karena tidak berhasil mengunjungi Tetsugaku-no-michi (The Path Of Philosophy) namun Muabeyond akhirnya berhasil mengunjungi beberapa icon di kota Kyoto. Satu lagi, ketika malam, tepat didepan stasiun Kyoto terdapat salah satu menara kebanggaan Kyoto, yaitu Kyoto Tower. Saat malam hari, terdapat cahaya yang bergerak menyelimuti menara ini sehingga bagus banget untuk diambil fotonya. Disitulah Muabeyond berhenti mengeksplor Kyoto. Untuk menghabiskan waktu, Muabeyond hanya berkeliling disekitaran stasiun Kyoto dan hotel saja untuk mencari suasana yang artistik.


Bagaimana? Ternyata dengan 9 jam saja, banyak tempat yang bisa dikunjungi di Kyoto ya =D Kalau teman-teman tertarik untuk mengunjungi Kyoto, Muabeyond menyarankan pada saat bunga musim semi bermekaran, saat daun maple menjadi merah ataupun pada saat festival-festival di gelar di musim panas. Sekian blog kali ini, kita jumpa lagi di #MuabeyondDailyBlog selanjutnya.

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Terima kasih banyak atas supportnya =D

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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Those Days that Change Everything - Episode 2

The day I Need to Reconsider


After collecting so much information, I decide to apply. I visit my professor and tell my intention for joining this program. Seeing my intention, my professor is very happy because I am the first one that applies to this program. Apparently, this program is quite sexy for the university that my faculty really need students to participate in and becoming the university delegate from Indonesia.

Of course, I am not immediately accepted. My professor says
“Those are the recruitment. Please, make sure you can fulfill it in 1 month. After that, ask your parents' permission because this program will absolutely change your study timeline and you are definitely not graduate on time”.

Duaaar. His advice to me is like lightning on a sunny day.

Of course. I just realize about that. I will not graduate on time, my goal will not be fulfilled and I don’t think my father will just give permission for that. You know, because, my father sometimes really strict about my education, especially after I enter the university. Nevertheless, I have already decided that I will apply for this program, so I must obtain permission using anyways I can do.

Oh yeah, this program is a 1-semester program for the fall semester. When I enter the 4th year, that is the start of the program.

While not asking for permission yet from my parents, I prepare all the document that my professor asks. The document is not really much however, because the deadline is approaching, I need to do it fast.

So the documents contain a curriculum vitae, official transcript, score from university, TOEFL certificate, study plan, motivation letter, recommendation letter from 2 professors and registration form. When trying to obtain all the required documents, I just realize that I need to arrange another document for taking breaks on my university. Nevertheless, the required documentation now is doubled.

When I already obtain half of the requirements, I decide to ask for permission from my parents. I decided to arrange my word carefully and ask separately from my father and my mother. The time I ask my mother, she easily agrees with my decision. My mother says that I am already mature enough to decide what kind of path I need to take, however after choosing something, take responsibility for it. Hearing my mother’s advice, I get a little confidence in asking my father's permission.

Yeap, I am a grown man and I will get that permission no matter what.

BUT, that is only my imagination. 180 degrees with my mom, my dad is not really supporting my decision. There are various reasons that make him doesn’t really want me to go abroad. My father explains about how it affects my study plan, how I will miss my brother’s wedding this year, how about my tuition when I take my study break and will all the scholarship enough for supporting living in Japan.

Those make all sense to me. As a father, I understand that he has control over something that he supports such as my study and I also realize that we are not coming from a rich-established family.  I am fully aware of what my father said to me that evening and I am still thinking about what kind of argument that I need to tell to support my decision. I feel like I don’t want to lose this opportunity, however, I don’t have any great arguments to counter my dad reason.

If I still don’t find anything, should I reconsider to participate in this program?

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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Those Days that Change Everything - Episode 1

The Day I Know About the New World


Until this day, I still can’t believe that someday I would be on this stage. If I recall my memory, this started in 2016 when I was still a student at my university.

February 2016-

I am just an ordinary student on one of the University in Indonesia. This semester is the starting of my 6th semester of electrical engineering. Well, of course, for me, it’s not easy to study in this major and this university. 

Even though, I realize, that’s not the university's fault to become this hard. It’s just me that is not really serious in my study. Some people said Score or GPA is not really important. The important things are attitude and soft skills. However, I am not 100 % agree with those. Yeah, maybe score is not that important, you can’t always measure someone's ability from their score. So many aspects and parameters are possibly affecting that part. However, for me, somehow score is my only way to give proof to my parents that I am serious with my choice of studying in this university.

Why? Because the amount of money needed for school is quite big for just playing around and do it seriously. Well, that is my trivia. 

Okay, recently In the Facebook group, My professor announces that there is two slot exchange student program is available for electrical engineering students. The host university will be in Japan. One of the most powerful and beautiful country in the world. 

Honestly, that time I have no idea about what kind of life I want to achieve. That’s why in my study, usually I just follow some of my friend's choice. Like what class I need to take, which professor that I need to choose, and others think. That’s why because no one interest in this program, I just ignore it.  

One month later, my professor re-announce it because apparently, no one applies for that program. When he re-announced it, somehow there is a spark in my mind that I want to apply for that program. 

In my dictionary, I believe a normal life that everyone has is the best. I mean like entering university, get a great GPA, graduate on time, then get a good job. Simple and the best.

curious about this program and I don’t apply it yet. I start to research about what is an exchange student program, what is the benefit, what must I sacrifice and other things. 

So I started to find information about this program. From where? Of course from the one and only trusted informant, my professor. I asked him directly, I go to his room for seeking information about this program. 

So, this program is a Japan-Asean joint program that has been existed for around 3 years. The participant is not only from Indonesia, but Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand. For some students, the Japan government provides a limited scholarship for supporting participant living in Japan. Not only that, my major will cover the flight ticket from Indonesia to Japan round trip.

So basically, my professor says to me, the participant almost need 0 % money for this program and I believe this is a diamond opportunity for everyone that applies. But, but, but. Even this is a great deal for me, I am not decided yet because I still need information from someone who already participated. Fortunately, it is my closest senior. 

From my senior information,  this program is highly recommended. Why? According to him, exchange student program is not about just learning your major in different university, but learning a new culture and new environment in a plural community. Not everyone can have that experience. And when you have it, you will grateful that what he said.

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