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I Opened an Orphanage in a Different World, Why No One Ever Tries to Leave: Spoiler Chapter 1

I Opened an Orphanage in a Different World, Why No One Ever Tries to Leave
Isekai de Kojiin wo Hiraita kedo, Naze ka Darehitori Sudatou to Shinai Ken
1. Slave Girl

[Spoiler by Muabeyond]


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This is my new section, Translation spoiler. I will only maybe translate some important thing that I needed for this review.

This is the raw link: here
The author name is 初枝れんげ.
Totally just visit the link to read the whole story.

Just use Machine Translation guys :)
Haha, sorry don't want to feel guilty about the copyright thing.

It is my new work. Please enjoy yourself!

By the way, The manga is now already on chapter 8. So This spoiler is far from the manga.


Okay, Let's start.

First, I would like to comment on the title. It is quite difficult for me to find a great sentence to express it.
After translate by my own or just using RAW MTL, that is the best English version that comes to my mind.

Then, I will quote on paragraph

[The building looks like a church, but in any case, it's already tattered. The painting of the roof and the wall is bald, the glass is broken, everywhere is dirty, and the weeds in the garden are endless.] - Chapter 1 by 初枝れんげ

My second comment is the author really loves about the detail and describe the situation beautifully. If you also read the manga, it probably the same imagination you have after reading the novel. 

This style of writing was found in the entire chapter and I love it. I am the type that really loves to imagine the detail when I read a novel, and 初枝れんげ-sensei reach my expectation.

Good job, Sensei!

Third, the story.
Like a typical another world or Isekai story, it starts from a summoning ritual by the kingdom. However, in this story, our Main character, Naomi Masatsugu is not alone.

He was summoned with the entire class. Spoiler: He is the underrated hero. Apparently, People that have summoned from the other world will have a status like Hero and similar to that.

However, the Main Character shows only the basic of the basic skill that everyone basically possesses it according to the kingdom.

Here is the line when they said about the MC status
[Moreover, my skills were only [Protection(reform)] and [Appraisal Beginner Level] that apparently every soldier had it.] --Chapter 1 by 初枝れんげ.

The unique part is rather than to let him be, the kingdom forces him to take care of the orphanage. This orphanage is abandoned because the kingdom is fighting with the demon so no ones bother to take care of it.

BTW, somehow it looks like the main character is not liked or hated by his classmate so no ones trying to defend him.

My concern is, yeah maybe the orphanage is the main story but normally, an orphanage is not something that you trusted to a stranger right.

I can say the kingdom is quietly stupid that left the orphanage administration to the stranger. But, I still like it because that is our story origin.

It's complicated for me, somehow I thought it doesn't make sense. Then I remember this story, first of all, didn't make sense at all. It is fiction. No one bothers it really true or not. So, Okay I Accept it. 4/5 for the first plot of the story.

In this review, I will stop when he meets the beast girl. A little girl that really sick. You know, if you read the manga and this web novel. You maybe realize that our MC true nature is quite different.

in the web novel, He is really gentle, pure and kind type or good boy type, I guess. However, in manga he gives Tsundere vibe kind boy.

I don't why it becomes different. The story is quite different but still on the same line. However, I like both of it. No problem at All.

So in this review, our MC is thrown to the orphanage and meet a beast girl.


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