Saturday, March 23, 2019

Those Days that Change Everything - Episode 2

The day I Need to Reconsider


After collecting so much information, I decide to apply. I visit my professor and tell my intention for joining this program. Seeing my intention, my professor is very happy because I am the first one that applies to this program. Apparently, this program is quite sexy for the university that my faculty really need students to participate in and becoming the university delegate from Indonesia.

Of course, I am not immediately accepted. My professor says
“Those are the recruitment. Please, make sure you can fulfill it in 1 month. After that, ask your parents' permission because this program will absolutely change your study timeline and you are definitely not graduate on time”.

Duaaar. His advice to me is like lightning on a sunny day.

Of course. I just realize about that. I will not graduate on time, my goal will not be fulfilled and I don’t think my father will just give permission for that. You know, because, my father sometimes really strict about my education, especially after I enter the university. Nevertheless, I have already decided that I will apply for this program, so I must obtain permission using anyways I can do.

Oh yeah, this program is a 1-semester program for the fall semester. When I enter the 4th year, that is the start of the program.

While not asking for permission yet from my parents, I prepare all the document that my professor asks. The document is not really much however, because the deadline is approaching, I need to do it fast.

So the documents contain a curriculum vitae, official transcript, score from university, TOEFL certificate, study plan, motivation letter, recommendation letter from 2 professors and registration form. When trying to obtain all the required documents, I just realize that I need to arrange another document for taking breaks on my university. Nevertheless, the required documentation now is doubled.

When I already obtain half of the requirements, I decide to ask for permission from my parents. I decided to arrange my word carefully and ask separately from my father and my mother. The time I ask my mother, she easily agrees with my decision. My mother says that I am already mature enough to decide what kind of path I need to take, however after choosing something, take responsibility for it. Hearing my mother’s advice, I get a little confidence in asking my father's permission.

Yeap, I am a grown man and I will get that permission no matter what.

BUT, that is only my imagination. 180 degrees with my mom, my dad is not really supporting my decision. There are various reasons that make him doesn’t really want me to go abroad. My father explains about how it affects my study plan, how I will miss my brother’s wedding this year, how about my tuition when I take my study break and will all the scholarship enough for supporting living in Japan.

Those make all sense to me. As a father, I understand that he has control over something that he supports such as my study and I also realize that we are not coming from a rich-established family.  I am fully aware of what my father said to me that evening and I am still thinking about what kind of argument that I need to tell to support my decision. I feel like I don’t want to lose this opportunity, however, I don’t have any great arguments to counter my dad reason.

If I still don’t find anything, should I reconsider to participate in this program?