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I Became a Villainous Daughter: Prologue and Spoiler

I Became a Villainous Daughter: Prologue and Spoiler


Hello guys! Welcome back to Muabeyond blog. 

So, maybe you already know me from NU. I previously translated I become a dragon in another world and hated young lady accepts her fate. However,  I just realized that I violated the copyright of the owner.

Still, I want to practice my Japanese and I love to share my own thought about the novel I found. So I will create this kind of article to share it for you.

I found this novel on Alphapolis and I think I want to review and give it a spoiler. I would like to translate all of it, but it is not fair for the author because of the copyright law. I think about making a discord and just discuss the full translation among the community without sharing in this blog. So, we will not break any law because we use it for our personal interest. Just a wild thought. What do you think? 

Disclaimer: The picture and the translation are only for educational purpose and it will not harm the author right or novel. This picture is taken from Alphapolis and used for the cover of the book.


Alphapolis is one of the Japanese publisher for many works. You can actually read it for free or rental something on the website. However, you need to remember that Alphapholis is totally using Japanese and you can't copy it. So, if you are interested, just using chrome translate feature to understand the basic plot.

Okay, this is what I found. Akuyaku reijo ni narimashita or I Became a Villainous Daughter is a novel by 黒田悠月. Like other villain theme story, probably you already know a lot about what kind of this story, it is about a reincarnated Japanese person inside a game.

This is what We can get from the short summary:

"I, Hinase Kaede, seems to have died on my 15th birthday. When I wake up, I am already in a white room. I met a person that called himself a God. This self-claimed God said the cat that I helped used be God's possession and I will be reincarnated as my reward. However, that palace is another world. Inside the individual who committed suicide and died in an Otome game called [Renai crisis. Battle Maiden] abbreviated [Kuro Bato] that I loved so much."

After seeing the summary, we already know that this story about typical famous reincarnated to the game story. So many stories already use this topic. So, what is the difference? 

Okay, here a short translation from the prologue in alphapolis:

[......Seven, Eight, Nine......Ten, Hmm]

*sound of pairing rain*, *panting sound*.
This is tough. This is real though.
This body, doesn't really have any energy at all!
I, by only do sit-up exercise, already got up with heavy breath.
My blonde hair waves in the air.

The image reflected in the wall is, a slender limbs, skin like white porcelain... However, the face, the stomach and the upper arm are reddish skin that almost forgotten.
Erika Oldis, the daughter of marquis.
Right now, that is me.
Until a moment ago, I was a Japanese young girl that lives by doing part time, named Kaede Hinase.

After graduating from high school, I decide not to enter university and was preoccupied with part time Job. I spend my salary into Otome game, and attending an offline meeting of the official fan community.

One day, when I was waiting for a signal at the intersection on my way back, A truck suddenly hit me then I was dead, If this pattern similar with any light novel stories, I will be reincarnated in another world. 
Somehow, I will regain my memories from my previous world. That's the usual case.
However, in my case. It's a little bit different. 

That is the translation of the first paragraph of the Novel. The prologue continues with Hinase Kaede explain about the truth of her reincarnation story. 

Hinase is reincarnated, but after the event started. Erika, the villain's daughter, is committed suicide and death. After her death, Hanase soul enters the dead body of Erika.

After Hanase died in the previous world, she met the god. However, Hanase is dead because she wants to help a cat that in the fact belongs to the god.  That is why the god wants to give her a gift.

The god said that he made a world that resemble the Otome game that she played and he wants her to reincarnate inside that world. However, because one of the characters suddenly committed suicide, this world will fall apart and not end well.

The god asks Hanase to become Erika in that world. The god claim, Erika is really needed in this world because most of the event will include Erika inside it. Without her, this is just an ordinary world and will fall apart.

Then finally, Hanase now becomes Erika. However, after the suicide accident, her body becomes very weak. Erika realizes that if she change a little of her appearance, she will become prettier and be able to avoid the bad ending.

Even the person inside the body is different, the memory is still there. Then she found that so many things happen that cause Erika to commit suicide. Now, Erika wants to do her best in this world.

That's the spoiler of the prologue. Well, previously I said it will be just the same plot. But, I think this will turn interesting because she is reincarnated after the villain suddenly die and I want to know what kind of future that awaits our Heroine. I will try to read the other free sample to give more spoiler. That's it. 

If you are interested to read this, Of course, you can read it on here.  See you in the next article.


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