Sunday, March 17, 2019

Those Days that Change Everything - Episode 1

The Day I Know About the New World


Until this day, I still can’t believe that someday I would be on this stage. If I recall my memory, this started in 2016 when I was still a student at my university.

February 2016-

I am just an ordinary student on one of the University in Indonesia. This semester is the starting of my 6th semester of electrical engineering. Well, of course, for me, it’s not easy to study in this major and this university. 

Even though, I realize, that’s not the university's fault to become this hard. It’s just me that is not really serious in my study. Some people said Score or GPA is not really important. The important things are attitude and soft skills. However, I am not 100 % agree with those. Yeah, maybe score is not that important, you can’t always measure someone's ability from their score. So many aspects and parameters are possibly affecting that part. However, for me, somehow score is my only way to give proof to my parents that I am serious with my choice of studying in this university.

Why? Because the amount of money needed for school is quite big for just playing around and do it seriously. Well, that is my trivia. 

Okay, recently In the Facebook group, My professor announces that there is two slot exchange student program is available for electrical engineering students. The host university will be in Japan. One of the most powerful and beautiful country in the world. 

Honestly, that time I have no idea about what kind of life I want to achieve. That’s why in my study, usually I just follow some of my friend's choice. Like what class I need to take, which professor that I need to choose, and others think. That’s why because no one interest in this program, I just ignore it.  

One month later, my professor re-announce it because apparently, no one applies for that program. When he re-announced it, somehow there is a spark in my mind that I want to apply for that program. 

In my dictionary, I believe a normal life that everyone has is the best. I mean like entering university, get a great GPA, graduate on time, then get a good job. Simple and the best.

curious about this program and I don’t apply it yet. I start to research about what is an exchange student program, what is the benefit, what must I sacrifice and other things. 

So I started to find information about this program. From where? Of course from the one and only trusted informant, my professor. I asked him directly, I go to his room for seeking information about this program. 

So, this program is a Japan-Asean joint program that has been existed for around 3 years. The participant is not only from Indonesia, but Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand. For some students, the Japan government provides a limited scholarship for supporting participant living in Japan. Not only that, my major will cover the flight ticket from Indonesia to Japan round trip.

So basically, my professor says to me, the participant almost need 0 % money for this program and I believe this is a diamond opportunity for everyone that applies. But, but, but. Even this is a great deal for me, I am not decided yet because I still need information from someone who already participated. Fortunately, it is my closest senior. 

From my senior information,  this program is highly recommended. Why? According to him, exchange student program is not about just learning your major in different university, but learning a new culture and new environment in a plural community. Not everyone can have that experience. And when you have it, you will grateful that what he said.